The largest new play staged in the UK during 2005, 5/11 was premiered at the Chichester Festival Theatre in August 2005 to mark the 400th Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot

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Premiere Chichester Festival Theatre 18 August 2005
Director - Steven Pimlott, Design - Ashley Martin-Davis, Lighting - Chris Ellis, Music - Jason Carr, Sound - Matt McKenzie, Movement - Toby Sedgwick
Cecil - Hugh Ross, Catesby - Stephen Noonan, Southwell/Ellesmere - Brendan O'Hea, Archbishop - Steven Beard, Topcliffe - David Langham, King James - Alistair McGowan, Queen Ane - Annette McLaughlin, Lennox - Aleksandar Mikic, Lady in waiting - Claire Parrish, Percy - Graham Turner, Northumberland - Raad Rawi, Tresham - Tom Silburn, Monteagle - John Ramm, Bromley - Christian Bradley, Anne Vaux - Fiona Dunn, Martha Percy - Anna Francolini, Edward Percy/Dodo - Ollie Porter, Henry Garnet - Richard O'Callaghan, Suffolk - Alexia Healy, Winter - Mark Meadows, Lizzie - Kay Curram, Somerset - Kieran Hill, Jack Wright - Grant Anthony, Kit Wright - Gary Milner, Guy Fawkes - Daniel Abelson

A big bold joltingly topical new play
Charles Spencer Daily Telegraph

A rich, exciting piece of narrative theatre -
Michael Billington The Guardian ****

A vividly enlightening play: the audience leaves with a new depth of feeling and understanding about the events it has been marking in relative ignorance every Guy Fawkes' day -
Alistair Macauley Financial Times ****

A gripping analysis of what religious belief and disempowerment lead some men to do -
Nick Curtis Evening Standard

5/11 will stand the test of time as an intriguing history play, combining poetic licence with fascinating background facts - Kate Bassett Independent on Sunday

A thought-provoking play-for-today -
Paul Taylor Independent ****

Kemp has stitched an epic sweep of British history that unfurls across the stage like a great silk flag, telling us something of where we have come from and how we got here - Sunday Times ****

Highly recommended -
Georgina Brown Mail on Sunday

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